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What is schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a serious mental health disorder that affects how you interpret reality. When you have schizophrenia, you can experience issues that affect your thinking, emotions, and behaviors.

Common symptoms of schizophrenia can include:

  • Delusions
  • Hallucinations
  • Speech difficulties
  • Unusual behaviors

Symptoms of schizophrenia can range from mild to severe. Over time, your symptoms can worsen without treatment. Without consistent treatment, you may need to spend time in the hospital to get your symptoms under control.

While the underlying cause of schizophrenia isn’t well understood, you may be at risk for developing the condition due to differences in your brain, such as having less than usual gray matter volume, which is critical to thinking and judgment. 

When should I schedule a diagnostic evaluation for schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a lifelong condition, and you need to manage symptoms for the rest of your life.  Unfortunately, many people with schizophrenia don’t recognize changes in their behaviors until someone else points them out.

You should schedule a diagnostic evaluation at The Marcann Group if you have symptoms of schizophrenia that affect your quality of life. If you have a loved one with untreated schizophrenia symptoms, you may need to request emergency medical assistance by calling 911, especially if they pose a threat of harm to themselves or others.

The team offers diagnostic evaluations for schizophrenia symptoms in-office and online. They can create a treatment plan based on the type of symptoms you have and their severity.

How is schizophrenia treated?

Your treatment plan for schizophrenia will include a combination of medications and psychotherapy.


Medications are an important part of schizophrenia treatment. Many work by increasing the dopamine (neurotransmitters) levels in your brain.

You should continue to take your medications, even when you feel better, to prevent your symptoms from coming back.


Psychotherapy (talk therapy) helps you identify negative behaviors and thought patterns that contribute to your schizophrenia symptoms. 

The team works with you to create strategies that help you cope with your condition, so you can live a high-quality life. They can also provide resources that help your loved ones give you the support you need. 

Call The Marcann Group office nearest to you today to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for schizophrenia symptoms. You can also book an appointment online.