Dr. Domann has been in practice as a psychologist for over 20 years, working in hospital, individual and group practice settings as well as consulting to nursing and rehabilitation centers. Although he does treat families and couples, his practice is primarily focused on individual therapy with people with a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems, including depression, anger and anxiety-related problems, relationship difficulties as well as psychotic symptoms and illnesses. Dr. Domann has a special interest in helping people with issues of aging and grief and loss. His focus in therapy is on establishing a collaborative relationship with clients, working together to develop a treatment plan which respects and values individual needs and goals while using an integrative and holistic approach that incorporates and nurtures your strengths and skills of coping. Often people come to therapy overwhelmed from a specific, intense stressful experience or relationship which may also represent chronic problems which have gradually worn down their ability to cope with life’s challenges. Dr. Domann believes therapy can help increase self-awareness and build upon existing skills to improve confidence and mastery, which are building blocks toward a sense of hope, acceptance, and a renewed direction in life.